Male Empowerment Club

When you hear the name of the club, you automatically picture some kind of “meninist” group that is trying to support men’s roles in society. However, that is not what the club is about at all. In fact, the club was founded by a woman. The Male Empowerment Club brings to light the decreasing graduation rates of male minorities, and how they struggle to get through their four years. One of the club members, when telling me about the group, said “We’re a brotherhood. We care about one another succeeding. That’s what we’re here for. We need to be there for each other to pick one another up whenever they need it”. The group is based on the idea that for success to be possible, you have to have support behind you, and without that support those male minorities have even less of a chance of graduating. The club’s first meeting was on September 14th in the Chandler-Gilbert Student Center. Some other things the club does is hold workshops to aid struggling students, which can be very helpful to anyone seeking the help or tutoring. By holding workshops like this they hope they can make a difference in the graduation rate and hopefully prepare students for life after college. Finding jobs, dressing respectably, interview skills, and scholarship opportunities are all areas the leaders of the club intend to help their members with.

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