Psychology Club

“If you got a brain, you can join Psychology Club!” Kyla Christension, Psychology Club President, proclaims this statement with fervor in her voice and a warm smile on her face. Vice President Savanna Soldevere and Secretary Sarah Knaub concur with equal enthusiasm, excited to spread the word of what feels like the friendliest club on campus. The club aims to connect concepts of psychology to real world experiences, on and off campus. While this club is helpful for professional development in the field of Psychology, officers clearly stress that it is a club welcome to anyone and everyone, regardless of major. As per tradition, Psychology Club convenes on Wednesdays from 2:30-3:30 PM in Ironwood Room 231, and is sponsored by Dr. Kristy McDonald. Walking into the first meeting, one can feel the club buzz with excitement and laughter. Knaub’s opinion that “The best part about psychology club are the friendships that are made” is solidified in that very moment. 

Psychology Club is heavily involved on campus and in the community, from tending the campus garden and raising awareness during September’s Suicide Awareness Month campaign, to teaching children psychology at the Arizona Science Center. This is the first year that the club is working to be recognized as a National Honors Society (Psych Theta Kappa), which helps with scholarship applications for club members. Another distinct aspect to Psychology Club is the amount of workshops and guest speakers that are hosted on campus, helping with extra credit or Co-Curricular Events. For students who would like extra credit in a Psychology class (with a teacher’s approval) or for Honors Students with an hour to spare, Brown Bag Lectures or the Stress Workshops count as extra credit/events opportunities. Regardless of credit, Psychology Club is a community of welcoming and accepting individuals, spreading help, happiness, and human nature here on Chandler Gilbert Community College.

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