The H.E.L.P club here at Chandler-Gilbert community college was created to remind us to give back to our community. Their name stands for “hands enriching life projects”. Every Monday from 2-3PM usually in or behind the student center, this group (directed by long-time leader KT Campbell) gets together to either plan or carry out service projects that will make a positive impact on the Chandler-Gilbert area. Some things they plan on doing this year and have done in the past are volunteering at a local soup kitchen, helping at the salvation army and making homes for the homeless which is cleverly called “habitat for humanity”.
A member of H.E.L.P, fellow student Tanner Croft, explained how his involvement in the club has not only enriched the community, but also his own life. Specifically, the habitat for humanity program has made a large impact on Croft. In his own words, “You make a living from what you get, but you make a life from what you give.” He hopes other CGC students will join the club in their efforts to help make the Chandler-Gilbert area the best it can be.

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