Educators Rising

At Chandler Gilbert Community College there is a club called Educators Rising, which caught my attention because for a long period of time I wanted to be an elementary school teacher. I spoke with Carrie Braaten, the advisor of the club, and she filled me in on what all the club is about and what they do/ stand for. Educators Rising is a club for people who want to, or are planning on being an educator in the future.
The clubs first meeting was Wednesday September 7, 2016 from 4-5pm. They plan on having their meetings every first and third Wednesday of the month. At these gatherings, they take part in activities from doing volunteer work, to working with kids to help the future educators prepare and make sure this is what they want to do later on. Carrie stated, “It’s a great place for people with the same major, and the same interests to meet and interact with one another.” The Educators Rising club seems like an incredible addition to the CGCC campus because without future educators who will teach our children? The world wouldn’t be the same without our educators.

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