Business Professionals

To Think, Work, and Expect Only the Best

Do you ever plan on quitting your fast food, low-income or first job for something more professional? Here on Chandler Gilbert Community College campus there is an amazing club called Business Professionals, where they offer free training to go into the working field feeling a hundred percent confident. Michael Angelo, a member of the club, talks about how, “Business Professionals mission is to give students the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful at school and in the professional work environment.” He went on to talk about a job internship he received through the club that helped him meet and stay in contact with people in his future field. The Business Professionals offers jobs, workshops, and leadership programs.

They meet every Tuesday from 2pm to 3pm in the student pavilion room SC113 (behind the info desk in the ping pong building). These meetings are used to plan events and to support one another. Anyone can join at any time during the semester, so don’t be afraid to check them out. No matter what you see yourself doing in the future you will need to build the skills on how to look presentable, communicate, and act in a professional manner, and the Business Professionals here at CGCC can help.



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