Pre-Health Professionals Club


Here at Chandler-Gilbert Community College, there is a club solely dedicated to helping students and providing resources to go into any health professional career. Whether that be nursing, pre-med, pharmacy, dental, or even physical therapist, it does not matter, they are there to help give tips and guide those students. Coming from personal experience, it is very hard to know exactly what is needed to do here in college in order to make it into a medical program. When trying to find someone to help, not many people here in community college really know how to help, or send students in circles trying to figure it out themselves.

The pre-health professionals club was started about five to six years ago by 4 second year students who wanted to make a change. They were all pre-medical majors, and did not want future students to have as hard of a time as they did trying to figure out all the requirements before they graduated. These students left behind a legacy, and their club is now helping students all over campus find their path. The club is now run by Brad Bates who says, “We are here to give students information to fulfill their dreams to be medicine or health professionals. We also want to create a community of students who support each other throughout their courses of study.” If you are pursuing a career in any field of medicine, it would be in your best interest to join this club. The club has a meeting on October 20th and November 17th at 5:30-6:30 P.M. at SC 140. During the meetings they discuss what classes should be taken, good resources to use, and helpful tips for each field of study. This club really involves its students and really thrives on maintaining a community. If you want to be a part of something that is beneficial but also helps support you on your journey, check out the pre-health professionals club.

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