Hispanic Student Organization

Hispanic Student Organization: Not Just For Hispanics

Anyone can join Hispanic Student Organization. Wherever you are on the spectrum from Caucasian to Asian to Polynesian, you’re welcome in HSO. Club head Marcel Romero insists the club “is about doing selfless acts, and time devotion.” Including once a month volunteer options such as Relay For Life, Hispanic Student Organization provides an outlet to find community service projects.

Meeting days for Hispanic Student Organization have been limited to Tuesdays from 1pm-2pm, in @ SC 103/11. However, Romero has included that the club understands a common day students have requested meeting days are Wednesdays, and the club will be looking to expand their meeting days to Wednesday also.

Romero includes that honors students looking for projects are more welcome to join Hispanic Student Organization, since their service projects are “plentiful” and often strives to make positive impact on the local community through serving underprivileged children and families. However, for Romero, Hispanic Student Organization provides a sense of belonging, a niche on campus that many minorities may feel they are missing.

For more questions about Hispanic Student Organization, contact club adviser Ernesto Bracamonte at ernesto.bracamonte.jr@cgc.edu.

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